Custom design

Custom product design

  • Customisation of standard products
  • Integration of 3rd party devices
  • Bespoke product design solutions
  • Sheet metal design and fabrication
  • Plastic component design, tooling and moulding
  • Analogue and digital circuit design
  • Printed circuit board design
  • Embedded firmware development
  • Software development
  • EMC, environmental and safety compliance testing and certification

Broadcast automation control panel

One of a suite of products designed and manufactured for a world leader in the field of television broadcast control and automation. Operating as an extension of their design resource Devlin provide human interface design expertise allowing the customer to focus on their core activity of software development.

High resolution, RGB back light LCD keys provide a dynamic user interface, augmented with a rotary encoder for rapid access menu navigation. Housed in an ergonomic desktop panel the finished product follows a corporate design brief including colour and branding.

Broadcast automation panel

 Broadcast editing console

Broadcast editing console

Broadcast editing control console

One of the most respected non-linear editing systems on the market, Lightworks has been used in the production of some of the biggest films and shows for over 20 years. One of the key elements to its success and user acclaim is the dedicated control console.

Ergonomic, tactile and intuitive, the finished console allows operators to focus completely on their screens, whilst applying often complex sequences of jog/shuttle and edit commands at will.

Devlin was called upon to assist with the design and manufacture of an OEM module for the console. Cherry® MX key switches were specified for their outstanding tactile operation and ultra-high reliability.

To complete the project, Devlin designed a dedicated series of keycaps with finger guides to provide the best possible ergonomics. Once prototyped, tested and approved, Devlin tooled a suite of multi-impression injection mould tools. Custom legends and symbols are applied to multiple faces of the keycaps using a laser etching technique giving a high durability finish. 

Air traffic control keyboard & keypad

National Air Traffic Services are a global leader in air traffic management and airport performance. As part of large scale project to create the next generation of ATC workstations, Devlin were consulted on the requirement for an application specific data input device.

In this mission critical application, the driving factors were reliability and ergonomics. On both counts, Devlin demonstrated a clear understanding, illustrated with products developed for similar environments, including trading floors and rail signal control.

Working with NATS, Devlin established the minimum no. of keys and smallest possible footprint. Assigning core ATC functions to a dedicated keypad gained operator confidence and allows comfortable L/R hand operation.

Following a 6 month prototype, pilot and acceptance testing phase, Devlin were awarded a contract to manufacture and supply 400 units to NATS.

Devlin will provide on-going product development and support to NATS through to 2020 as the ATC workstation evolves.

 Air traffic control keyboard and keypad

Operational air traffic control